UltraShield® Green Repellent Provides Proven Protection

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This time of year, fleas and ticks are a top concern for dog owners. Pet parents are looking for reliable, proven protection for their dogs against disease-carrying insects and arachnids, especially with the heightened awareness of vector-borne diseases such as Lyme disease.

UltraShield® Green Natural Fly Repellent offers a unique, eco-safe option to add to your protection routine. It’s proven to repel not only fleas and ticks, but mosquitoes, flies and gnats that could carry harmful diseases. Two independent tests revealed that UltraShield® Green is 100% effective in repelling brown dog ticks, 83% effective in repelling deer ticks, on average, and 69% effective in repelling fleas over the course of 24 hours. The natural formula also repels biting flies, mosquitoes and gnats for up to eight hours.

In this white paper, you’ll see the full scope of the research proving the effectiveness of our UltraShield® Green formula.




• Effective for use on all breeds of dogs, horses, and ponies
• Eco-safe for the entire family
• Not oily or greasy
• No artificial colors or additives
• Refreshing aromatic scent


Proven effective in repelling fleas and ticks naturally and safely

The effectiveness of UltraShield® Green as a natural tick and flea
repellent was determined by two independent studies conducted in
2014 by i2LResearch USA Inc. In each of these studies, UltraShield® Green portrayed a high degree of standard compliance and supported its claims in terms of quality and effectiveness.




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Brown Dog Ticks: repels 100%
Deer Ticks: repels 83% on average1
Fleas: repels 69% on average over 24 hours2
Biting Flies, Mosquitoes, and Gnats: repels for up to 8 hours

1Average repellency over five replicate tests
2At one, four, and 24 hours, the repellency was found to be 63%, 62%,
and 83%, respectively, with the average repellency being 69%.


Evaluating the effectiveness of UltraShield® Green as a repellent against fleas and ticks


This study was conducted in the testing facility of i2LResearch USA Inc. under the supervision of study director Alicia Kelley in the period ranging from March 19, 2014 to April 14, 2014.

A laboratory trial was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of UltraShield® Green against brown dog ticks (Rhipicephalus sanguineus) and deer ticks (Ixodes scapularis). A second laboratory trial was conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of UltraShield® Green against cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis).



Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.58.54 AM

Brown Dog Ticks: A filter paper strip was treated with UltraShield® Green and allowed to dry. The treated strip was then stapled to an untreated strip of a similar size. Five replicates of filter paper strips were created and stapled in a similar fashion. The behavior of five ticks was examined for each replicate. One tick at a time was introduced to the untreated strip and was allowed to move upward until it came into contact with the treated strip. The tick was categorized as “repelled” if it turned around, halted, or dropped off without proceeding further.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.00.26 AM

Deer Ticks: One-half of a circular filter paper was treated with UltraShield® Green and allowed to dry. The filter paper was then placed in a glass petri dish to create a semi-treated field. The treated side was placed over a heating pad as a lure. Five similar arenas were created for each treatment. Deer ticks were introduced to the control side of the arena and one hour of observation time was allowed. Ticks were categorized as “not repelled” if they were found to have crossed onto the treated side and moved in the direction of the heat.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.00.39 AM

Fleas: Filter paper circles were halved, with one side remaining untreated and the other side being treated with UltraShield® Green. Control arenas were lined with two untreated semicircles, with one of these semicircles being randomly marked as “treated”. A heating pad was placed beneath the treated side of the arena and used as a lure. Five replicates were created for each treatment. For each replicate, 20 fleas were introduced into the untreated side of each test arena. The movement of the fleas was observed and recorded at 1 hour, 4 hours, and 24 hours.


Product ingredients:

Thyme Oil………………………………………………… 0.01%
Cedar Oil…………………………………………………..0.05%
Lemongrass Oil………………………………………0.05%
Rosemary Oil…………………………………………..0.05%
Citronella Oil…………………………………………..0.06%
Clove Oil……………………………………………………0.08%
Geraniol……………………………………………………. 0.70%
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate…………………………. 2.50%

INERT INGREDIENTS3…………………. 96.50%
Total………………………………………………………. 100.00%
3Water, Glycerin, and Vitamin E


Click here to download a PDF of the UltraShield Green Pet White Paper.


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Frankie’s Friend Stark Meets a Skunk

My name is Stark and I live in Hemlock, NY. I spend a lot of time outside exploring.


Luckily, I have lots of space to play and my parents let me run free in my big backyard.


Every day when I’m outside playing fetch or running laps, I get to see a lot of my forest friends. There are deer, rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels … all sorts of cool animals! I like to watch them and sometimes I get close enough to say hello. My dad says I should let them be, so I try to listen and keep to myself. I’m two years old and a very good listener, but sometimes I still act like a puppy.


One time, I was outside with Dad before bedtime and saw a funny-looking animal I had never seen before. He was dark like the night, but with a big white stripe down the middle of his back. He was really close to me, so I thought I’d say hello. When I got closer, he ran toward me, so I jumped on him, just like I do when I play with my puppy friends. Dad wasn’t happy when I did that.

Next thing I knew, the strange animal was gone and there was a terrible smell everywhere. Now Mom and Dad were both very unhappy. The smell was all over me, even on my face—and Dad says my sense of smell is a lot stronger than his. If they thought it was stinky, imagine how I felt!

As usual, Mom knew just what to do. She put me in the bathtub and poured water on me. (I’m typically on my best behavior during bath time, but it’s definitely not my favorite.) I was waiting for her to squirt the cold soap on me, but then she pulled out a round sponge-like thing. She called it the Woof Pouf ™.


Mom got the Woof Pouf ™ wet and it made a lot of soapy suds that smelled really nice! She then rubbed the pouf all over me. I loved it—it felt like a massage! It didn’t take long at all before I was rinsed and dried off with a big, fluffy towel. And guess what? All the stink was gone!


Mom was really happy that I smelled so good, and I was really happy that Mom and Dad weren’t mad anymore. Mom said my fur was softer and shinier, too.

Mom told Dad that the Woof Pouf ™ is made with special soap beads that trap and neutralize bad smells, including skunk spray. I don’t know what a skunk is, but if it had anything to do with that smell, I don’t like it!

I think I’ll be more careful when I go exploring outside now, especially in the dark. And I hope Mom and Dad use the Woof Pouf ™ for all of my baths, not just when I’m really stinky.

Frankie Says – Life Is An Adventure!

And the hits just keep coming! Lately, dad’s been taking me on really fun adventures and walks!  Recently we walked to the very top of a mountain.


Then we walked all the way back down.


Dad keeps making me put on flea & tick stuff. Apparently ticks don’t just go away with the warm weather – they come back in the fall and try to get you!

In other news, I get to go mountain biking in the woods with my dad now.  Now this isn’t for every dog because some might not want to follow their owners like I do.  Dad keeps a really close eye on me and I don’t want to be out there alone, so I stick with him.  He also brings extra water for me to drink.  He seems awfully tired and sweaty but I never get tired.


OK, maybe a little tired!


Back at the park, I love playing tug-of-war with other dogs!




Frankie Says It’s Been A Great Summer!

Dad and I did so many fun things. I was born in November and I know about cold and snow. After all we did, summer might just be my new favorite!


We went to the dog park almost everyday.

There were little dogs. Do you guys feel warm? I feel warm. Dogs

There were big dogs too. This Great Dane is only as old as I am!

Dogs in dog park

We went to barbecues and there where dogs to play tug of war with.


It’s one of my favorite games!


We went to the ocean.


It smelled funny!


I went on a little yellow boat. My job was to lookout for rocks, so I pretty much saved the day.


We went on a medium sized boat too.IMG_5282

It made my tummy feel bad with all of the bouncing around.


Then we went on a big boat, but just to look around.


We went to a lake.


And then we went fishing! This is more my speed of boat. I even fell asleep and they say I snored. It’s not true, I never snore!


My brother Finn was glad when we got home.


We played for hours at the Big Green Den where Dad works.
P1010870 IMG_5697P1010866P1010887 P1010885

Time for a nap!




I’m Zoe, Frankie’s kitty. I stayed home through all of this and enjoyed my cardboard box.






Frankie Says Dog Friends Are Important

One of my favorite parts of the day is when I get to play with my dog friends. It helps keep me healthy and happy. It’s also good for learning what to do if I run into a grumpy dog.

If I don’t at least try to play with grumpy dogs when I’m young, I really won’t know what to do when one comes over to me! Gotta learn sometime right? Dad says I’m “becoming well socialized”, whatever that means.

Here I am playing in a field with one of my oldest friends, Hazel!

2 dogs in a field playing

We showed off our training to get treats!

2 dogs waiting for a treat

Dogs getting a treat



Then we went right back to wrestling!

2 dogs wrestling

Sometimes it sounds like we are fighting because we bark and growl and it looks like we are biting each other. But we aren’t really fighting – this is how dogs play! If it does start to get serious, our dads know the difference and they calm us down. After a day like this we were both kaput!

Dog toy

I’m just glad Frankie slobbered on someone else for a change!





Frankie Says She’ Getting Into The Groove

Dad and I are getting into a daily routine.  This makes me happy and feel secure. Here’s how my day goes-

Each morning I wake up with the sun and Dad takes me right out. Then he gives me and Zoe our breakfast. Zoe is our 13 year old cat who was living with Dad before I showed up.  We’re becoming good friends. Dad says sometimes I play too rough for Zoe, so he made her a special fort.

Cat on a table

She can jump up there and come down to play when she wants.  It’s really helping out – she seems to be less nervous around me!  She still doesn’t want to wrestle but I’ll keep asking.

Dad leaves me for the morning while he goes to work. Fine by me – did I mention I love to sleep?

Dog sleeping

Around noon, Dad comes home and we all have lunch.  Next Dad brings me to work for the whole afternoon.  He says we’re lucky because most doggies don’t get to come to work. I wear a special puppy seat belt to keep me safe. I’d rather sit in Dad’s lap but he won’t let me. He says it’s “dangerous” – silly humans.

Dog in car

Once we get to work at the Big Green Den everyone comes to visit and pet me.

Dog getting pet

There are toys there I get to play with. I like to pull the insides out! I try not to swallow them since it could give me a bad tummy ache.

Dog with toy

dog toy

It gives YOU a tummy ache? What about me? I feel so deflated..

After playing I settle in for a nap under Dad’s desk.

sleeping dog

Now I even have my own bed under his desk!

sleeping dog

After about a million years, we leave the Big Green Den. Sometimes we go for a walk in the woods.dog in woods

Sometimes we go to the dog park to see my new friends.



2 dogs

Last we go home and have dinner. I’m usually really tired and I sleep for along time before doing it all over again tomorrow.




She’s tired!?

Did you have a rough day Donkey?

Have a rough day Donkey?


You don’t know the half of it Jackie!











Frankie Says She Likes Playing In Fields!!

I like playing in open fields, a lot.  It’s a special treat for me because most places have too many dangerous cars around.

Dog's Face In a Field

As soon as the snow had melted, Dad took me to his family’s farm.  It meant another long car ride but just like he promised me, it was worth it! Anyway I’m getting to be a pro at being in the car.

Dogs in fieldIMG_4573

I got to play with Bella all day. She’s a very playful three year old hound mix.  But before I went out to play, Dad sprayed me all over with some natural tick repellent because he says ticks are around in all of the seasons, not just summer. Yuck, I don’t like those things!


Two dogs wrestling in a field

Two dogs playing in a field

I like the fields better than where I spend most of my day – under Dad’s desk.  But as long as he’s there with me it’s not so bad.

Dog under a desk

There’s no pond at Dad’s work, just miles of green carpet.

Dog in a stream on a leash

When we got home I brought a few choice sticks inside to nibble. But he took them all away! He said it was too messy for inside and he didn’t want me to eat all of that wood because too much could hurt my tummy. I don’t see the problem but rules is rules!


I like to run on snow, grass or wherever – life is great!  Of course I was a little tired after another big day.

Talk to you next time!

Inside of dog's mouth showing the teeth


Dog sleeping


Plush fox dog toy

Wow Frankie, you sleep all the time!  Oh, hi! My name is Foxy. I’m her best friend and we’ve been together from the start. We love to play together.

Frankie Says The Snow Was Fun But…

I’m glad the cold is over and I’m glad it isn’t ever coming back. It isn’t right? But there was one really fun time that stands out from when it was cold. Dad tricked me into going on a 2 hour drive up North for what he called a “vacation.” He said I’d like where we were going, but I thought I was going to die at first – I don’t like car rides! I started to get a little sick from the motion of the car but Dad scratched me  between my shoulder blades until I fell asleep.  When I woke up we were at a den I’d never seen before. It was snowing as we got there.

Snowy scene with a snowmobile

This place was a whole new experience for me. Well I’m only 4 months old so everything is, but still! We walked in the front door and met 10 people who seemed to know us already. They even knew my name! And there were yummy smells of people food. Dad said I couldn’t have any, humph. I made my introduction to everyone and then hung out in a big living room together. After a while I decided I should go to bed early after such a long day. This place seems O.K.

The next day got even better. It was really exciting for me waking up to a house full of people! They all wanted to pet me and there was human food everywhere. Sean still wouldn’t let me have any – double humph!

Then he took me out a door and onto the snow. That’s when I got to meet two female dogs who I really, really liked! Forest, the biggest one, is 4 years old. Hazel is the middle-sized one, and she’s only 5 months older than me. Hazel and me have since become BFFs.

Forest made sure I knew she was in charge. I rolled over to let her know I respected her very much. After that, they took me in like I was part of their pack! We ran around for hours on the snow. Dad says I’ll be seeing more them.


Outside, I had to wear my green jacket because I was still so little and young, but I didn’t mind.

Dog running on the snow

They were really fast and I totally kept up.

Two dogs running on snow

Dog running on snow


Well, sort of.

Dog running on snow

When Forest’s or Hazel’s dads called them, I came too – it seemed like the thing to do. I think that’s why Dad let me off the leash.


And then we all tackled Forest’s dad. It was really funny!

Dog running on snow


That night I slept really well, which is good because puppies like me need 15 to 20 hours of good, quiet sleep. I think I do my part!


I’m going to take another nap, see you next time!




Frankie Says

In searching for my place in this big world, and for treats, great things keep happening to me along the way. Why not share the puppy experience?


My name is Frankie. I’m a 4 month-old female dog. They say I’m a “mixed breed.” I know my mom was a grey pit bull and my dad was a yellow lab. I wonder if they miss me?


Now I live with my human dad Sean. He gives me treats, food, love and treats every day. I also get to go to work with him at a big green den called Absorbine! There are so many people and they all want to pet me and give me food. For me, having such a nice big pack is really cool. I love coming in to the big green den and playing with everyone. They have all been so nice and patient with my noises and hair everywhere and…

Jaime, I’m really sorry I went #2 in your office. I didn’t mean to! I was mesmerized by your collection of interesting-smelling bottles! I look forward to a puppy product line with much wiggling and anticipation.

Here’s the best part. One of the women in the Absorbine pack adopted my brother Finn so we get to play at the big green den together!


I think I’m going to grow up really healthy and happy with this strong pack. I’ll write more when I know more!