I’m glad the cold is over and I’m glad it isn’t ever coming back. It isn’t right? But there was one really fun time that stands out from when it was cold. Dad tricked me into going on a 2 hour drive up North for what he called a “vacation.” He said I’d like where we were going, but I thought I was going to die at first – I don’t like car rides! I started to get a little sick from the motion of the car but Dad scratched me  between my shoulder blades until I fell asleep.  When I woke up we were at a den I’d never seen before. It was snowing as we got there.

Snowy scene with a snowmobile

This place was a whole new experience for me. Well I’m only 4 months old so everything is, but still! We walked in the front door and met 10 people who seemed to know us already. They even knew my name! And there were yummy smells of people food. Dad said I couldn’t have any, humph. I made my introduction to everyone and then hung out in a big living room together. After a while I decided I should go to bed early after such a long day. This place seems O.K.

The next day got even better. It was really exciting for me waking up to a house full of people! They all wanted to pet me and there was human food everywhere. Sean still wouldn’t let me have any – double humph!

Then he took me out a door and onto the snow. That’s when I got to meet two female dogs who I really, really liked! Forest, the biggest one, is 4 years old. Hazel is the middle-sized one, and she’s only 5 months older than me. Hazel and me have since become BFFs.

Forest made sure I knew she was in charge. I rolled over to let her know I respected her very much. After that, they took me in like I was part of their pack! We ran around for hours on the snow. Dad says I’ll be seeing more them.


Outside, I had to wear my green jacket because I was still so little and young, but I didn’t mind.

Dog running on the snow

They were really fast and I totally kept up.

Two dogs running on snow

Dog running on snow


Well, sort of.

Dog running on snow

When Forest’s or Hazel’s dads called them, I came too – it seemed like the thing to do. I think that’s why Dad let me off the leash.


And then we all tackled Forest’s dad. It was really funny!

Dog running on snow


That night I slept really well, which is good because puppies like me need 15 to 20 hours of good, quiet sleep. I think I do my part!


I’m going to take another nap, see you next time!




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