My name is Stark and I live in Hemlock, NY. I spend a lot of time outside exploring.


Luckily, I have lots of space to play and my parents let me run free in my big backyard.


Every day when I’m outside playing fetch or running laps, I get to see a lot of my forest friends. There are deer, rabbits, groundhogs, squirrels … all sorts of cool animals! I like to watch them and sometimes I get close enough to say hello. My dad says I should let them be, so I try to listen and keep to myself. I’m two years old and a very good listener, but sometimes I still act like a puppy.


One time, I was outside with Dad before bedtime and saw a funny-looking animal I had never seen before. He was dark like the night, but with a big white stripe down the middle of his back. He was really close to me, so I thought I’d say hello. When I got closer, he ran toward me, so I jumped on him, just like I do when I play with my puppy friends. Dad wasn’t happy when I did that.

Next thing I knew, the strange animal was gone and there was a terrible smell everywhere. Now Mom and Dad were both very unhappy. The smell was all over me, even on my face—and Dad says my sense of smell is a lot stronger than his. If they thought it was stinky, imagine how I felt!

As usual, Mom knew just what to do. She put me in the bathtub and poured water on me. (I’m typically on my best behavior during bath time, but it’s definitely not my favorite.) I was waiting for her to squirt the cold soap on me, but then she pulled out a round sponge-like thing. She called it the Woof Pouf ™.


Mom got the Woof Pouf ™ wet and it made a lot of soapy suds that smelled really nice! She then rubbed the pouf all over me. I loved it—it felt like a massage! It didn’t take long at all before I was rinsed and dried off with a big, fluffy towel. And guess what? All the stink was gone!


Mom was really happy that I smelled so good, and I was really happy that Mom and Dad weren’t mad anymore. Mom said my fur was softer and shinier, too.

Mom told Dad that the Woof Pouf ™ is made with special soap beads that trap and neutralize bad smells, including skunk spray. I don’t know what a skunk is, but if it had anything to do with that smell, I don’t like it!

I think I’ll be more careful when I go exploring outside now, especially in the dark. And I hope Mom and Dad use the Woof Pouf ™ for all of my baths, not just when I’m really stinky.

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