New patented bath pouf for dogs provides unique solution for easy, effective bathing

East Longmeadow, MA – Absorbine® is pleased to introduce two new innovations to their line of quality pet care products: ShowSheen® Woof Pouf and UltraShield® Green Woof Pouf™ bath poufs for dogs. These patented bathing tools offer an easy, effective way to bathe dogs. The soft mesh poufs contain specially-formulated soap beads, providing bath after bath of rich lather lasting for up to 15 washes.

The ShowSheen Woof Poof contains Ordenone® soap beads that help eliminate even the toughest odors – including skunk smell. Simplifying the bathing process, the ShowSheen Woof Pouf is excellent for “on-the-go” shampooing when traveling, and is the no-mess, one-hand remedy for the easy bathing of any dog. The rich lather removes odors quickly, and leaves hair clean and smelling fresh.

The UltraShield Green Woof Pouf features soap beads infused with seven natural repellents proven effective against fleas and ticks with gentle, yet effective herbal extracts. The eco-friendly formula contains oils of thyme, cedar, lemongrass, rosemary, citronella, clove and geraniol in a vegetable-based soap to leave your dog’s skin and coat clean and soft.

The unique bathing experience that Absorbine Woof Poufs provides dogs is evidence of Absorbine’s commitment to innovation in the pet care industry. “Whether it’s removing tough odors or repelling fleas and ticks, both the ShowSheen and UltraShield Green Woof Poufs help make baths easy and effective,” says Kenneth Oh, General Manager, Pet Care Division at Absorbine. “Our dedication to innovation here at Absorbine results in exciting new products like these, and we are proud to offer such a unique bathing solution to dog owners.”

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