Our Story

Dedicated to animal care. Devoted to dog owners.

Your dog always gives you his or her best. That’s why we’ve developed a line of dog care products that helps ensure that your dog looks and feels its best. After all, “man’s best friend” deserves high-quality products.

We’ve been committed to caring for animals since our founding more than a century ago. It was a love for animals—and a belief that there’s a better way to care for them—that led our founders to create the very first Absorbine® product in 1892. It was just the beginning of a legacy that has made Absorbine® one of the most recognized and trusted names in animal care.

Five generations later, our passion continues. Whether it’s protecting your dogs from fleas and ticks, or helping them look and feel their best, Absorbine® is here to help—because we care about animals as much as you do.