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Pet Care Professionals Use SaniPet To Stay Safe

Posted by Animal Care Team on
Pet Care Professionals Use SaniPet To Stay Safe

As a certified professional dog trainer, I work with a large number of people and their dogs on a daily basis. When hearing from Absorbine about their new Sani-Pet product, I was extremely excited about this product and how it would be able to help me and my clients.

I found dozens of uses for the new Sani-Pet sanitizing spray both in my daily life and professional life. With my own dogs, it is really important to me to keep them clean, especially with Oakley as my personal service dog. Whenever we are going out and about into public places, I used to take wipes and wipe his entire body and paws down before and after going out. Now with the Sani-Pet spray, I can easily mist him down before going out, and it makes me feel confident knowing I am taking any extra precautions to help prevent the spread of allergens or germs. This is especially helpful if we are visiting during therapy dog work!

When visiting litters of puppies, the Sani-pet spray was especially useful. I regularly visit litters of puppies to help socialize them and teach them the beginnings of training, however I want to always take extra precautions when visiting such young puppies. I was able to easily spray down my shoes, my demo dog, and all of my training gear. This was the fastest and easiest clean up I’ve ever had!

This has made transferring leashes and other equipment between clients much less stressful as well. A simple spray over the dog’s leash and body was enough to help keep things as clean as possible.

Finally, I found another really helpful use for my own personal dogs and client dogs when out and about. Many of my client dog’s who have irritations to grass found that the spray significantly reduced the amount of irritation. I was able to use this when walking dogs out in the cold weather as well! Many times when it gets icy outside, people will put salt out on the pavement to prevent the concrete from being slippery. However, this salt can damage your dog’s paws and if your dog licks their paws, they can get stomach sick. Using the Sani-pet spray on paws after going out on the salted pavement has proven to be a great way to prevent paw cracking and keeping my dog’s and client dogs from licking the dangerous chemicals they might have stepped on.

I work with dogs every day and using Sani-Pet has not only improved the dog’s lives that I work with every day, but it as reduced the amount of clean up time that I need to do, which allows me to have more time to spend with the dogs. More time with the dogs and less time cleaning is a wonderful benefit for our training and bonding time together.


Amber Aquart is a Certified Animal Trainer and Pet Lifestyle Expert, and has been seen on Animal Planet, The Dodo, Good Morning America and more.  With over 10 years of experience with pet dogs, aggressive dogs and service dogs, her passion is helping people and pets have the most enjoyable life possible together.  Her dogs and cats have served as pet advocates, personal service dogs and have starred in commercials and films.

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