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Bath in a Bottle FAQs

Is Showsheen Bath in a Bottle a shampoo?

It is a ready-to-use liquid that can be used for a total body cleaning or spot removal.  No water or rinsing is necessary. 


Is Bath in a Bottle approved for use on all animals?

It is safe for use on all breeds of dogs, horses, cows, llamas and camels.


How do I use Bath in a Bottle?

No dilution is necessary. For spot stain removal, spray lightly on a clean towel and rub the affected areas of the dog’s coat.  For a waterless bath, spray lightly on a brush, then brush the dog’s coat normally to remove dirt and dandruff as well as detangle coat and reduce static cling.


Is Bath in a Bottle good for my dog’s coat?

The patented formula not only cleans and deodorizes, but conditions the coat as well, and is enhanced with Vitamin E for a shiny, healthy coat.