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SaniPet FAQs

How often can the spray be applied? 

SaniPet can be applied as needed, throughout the day after outings, contact with other humans and animal friends.

What is the scent? 

SaniPet has a bit of a medicinal smell, but there is no fragrance added.

How long does it have to be on the coat to be effective? 

SaniPet kills 83% of germs on skin, coat and paws in 30 seconds and 99.9% in 60 seconds.

Is this safe to use on any/all animals?

SaniPet is safe to use as directed on dogs and horses.  Please do not use on cats.  SaniPet contains a bittering agent to help prevent an animal from licking it.

Can I spray it on bedding?

SaniPet is labeled for animal use.  It will not harm bedding.


What is the best way to apply it?  (Does it need to be brushed or toweled in?)

SaniPet is best applied as a spray onto the coat of the animal, allowing it to stay for at least 30 seconds and then either towel dry or air dry.